Clinical Pilates

Joseph Pilates first developed this form of body conditioning exercise in the 1900’s. The Pilates method has since been further developed by physiotherapists based on the findings of scientific research.

Pilates exercises are non-impact and emphasise the smooth control, balance and co-ordination of muscle groups. The exercises improve muscle strength and tone and also focus on training the postural and stabilising muscles.

Pilates is an ideal form of exercise to:

  • Assist in the prevention of injury,
  • For rehabilitation for those recovering from injury or after childbirth
  • Improving fitness and muscle tone

Clinical Pilates treatment by a physiotherapist is available on a one to one and groups basis.

We offer class levels appropriate to all types of patients: from those who are very weak or have pain, up to elite sports participants. All levels are catered for.

To book your Pilates session or for further enquiries, please phone Montrose Physiotherapy on 9729 7777